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Lightroom Green Preset Download FREE 1 Click – Hello friends welcome to our website PABITRA EDITOGRAPHY. Friends if you want to edit a high quality photo in less time then today’s article is very important for you. Because in today’s article I am going to give you lightroom green preset. By using this lightroom green preset you can give a new look to your photo in just 1 click. You don’t have to pay any money to download this preset. You can use and download it for free by following the method we show. Lightroom presets don’t just enhance your photos, they reduce your effort. Let’s see how you can download and use this preset. Don’t forget to join our Telegram group. The link is given below.👇👇👇


What is Lightroom?

lightroom app
Lightroom App

Lightroom Is an Amazing Photo Editing Application. Which is provided by Adobe Company. Lightroom App You Can Use In your Android & ios device & also pc. You can Edit, Retouch Your Photos too easily by this application. In this app have many tools for turn your normal photo into gorgeous photo & You can edit & retouch your photo by only one click in this application by the useing of Lightroom Presets.

green preset lightroom

How To Edit Photo In Lightroom Mobile App ?

First of all you have needed to open your photo in Lightroom app. You can open your photo in Lightroom app directly from your gellary neither you can open from Lightroom app. If you want from Lightroom app then you have needed to open Lightroom app the you can see a photo added option at the right down side. you have to click on that then your all photos will show their & which photo you want to edit just click on that photo. Then their will be show a add option at the down right side. Just click there & if you want to add multiple photos you can do the by the same process just you have needed to select multiple photos others steps are same.

After click on add photo their will show a massage “one photo successfully imported” Then you have needed to click on All Photos option that you will find at the top left side after click their your photo will show their & one time again click Let’s talk about some tools of Lightroom & their works on that photo which you want to edit. Ok, Now your photo is ready for editing. some tools of lightroom and their works.

Lightroom Mobile Tools Explained

Most tools you can see in the downside & here have 15 tools . Now I’m going to talk to you some important tools.

Lightroom All Tools
  • Auto Tool – By the click on the auto tool in your photo will a automatically light adjust & you can undo this by click on undo option that you can find at the top side.
  • Light Tool – Light tool is for light adjustment of your photo’s just you have needed to manually adjust lights here have many options like Exposure , Contrast, Highlight, Shadow, whites & Blacks you have to hold on the line & slide left or right & select the effects amount according to your photo.
  • Color Tool – Color tool is a great tools of this app Temp, Tint, Vibrance & Saturation have here & the best tools of Lightroom’s called Mix Tool is here.
  • Mix Tool – In mix tool have totally Eight colors & here you can change & correction your photo’s colors by this tool. Which color of your photo’s you want to change simple click on the color & here have three options of every color these are Hue, Saturation & Luminance . Hue is for change the color Saturation for the doing that color faid & more deep & Tempareted Lumiance for the doing that color’s dark or Light.

Apart from these tools, there are various other tools like…

  • Masking Tool
  • Healing Tool
  • Crop Tool
  • Presets
  • Effects Tool
  • Detail Tool
  • Optics Tool
  • Geometry Tool
  • Profiles Tool….etc.

Quick Edit In Lightroom Mobile :-

Here have a amazing Features In Lightroom app & by this feature you can edit your photo by one click.

  1. Just you have needed to open any color preset in Lightroom app.
  2. Then click on the top right side’s three dot simply click on there.
  3. Then you will see many options just you have needed to find out Copy Settings.
  4. Then you have needed to add your new photo which you want to edit.
  5. Then simple click on the three dot that you can see on the top right side the click on Paste Settings.

wait few second & now your photo editing is complete.

What Is Lightroom Preset ?

Hello friends if you want to edit your photo in 1 click then you have needs lightroom preset. By the using the Lightroom presets you can easily color grade in any color so easily. Let’s see how you can use those Lightroom presets.

How to use Lightroom presets ?

  • First of all open Lightroom app, if haven’t Lightroom app in your mobile then you can download it from play store.
  • After open the Lightroom app click on the add photo option & add your photo in Lightroom app.
  1. Then in which types color grade you want to do on your photo just add those color tone presets in Lightroom app from right side add photo option.
  2. Then, which presets you added in Lightroom app just open the preset.
  3. After open the preset click on the upper sides three dot options & click on the copy setting option.
  4. Now open that photo which you want to color grade and just click on the three dot of top right sides & click on the paste setting.
  5. Now you can see your photo’s color grade complete
  6. By the following uppers steps you can easily color grade your photo in a shot time, attractively.

System Requirement :-

This system must be in your mobile to run the lightroom app.

Android MobileiOs Mobile
Android OS 4.1iOS 9
1 GB Ram in Your Phone.iPhones – 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s……etc.
8 Gb internal memory in your mobile.iPods – iPods Touch 5th Generation.

How To Download Lightroom Green Preset?

  1. First of all click on the download ( Green Colour ) option below.
  2. Then the file will be downloaded automatically.
  3. so guys go and use this green preset.
moody green lightroom preset
🚫 This is not the original preset, it is used for demonstration purposes only

How To Save Photo In Lightroom Mobile App ?

It’s very simple, simply click on the share option that you can see at the top right side. Click their & then click on the Save to device. Now your photo is saved in your device.

Let us know in the comment section how was those moody green preset & we always try to make best preset for all of yours.

If any color tone preset isn’t available here then you can tell us in the comments section. we’ll try to upload that preset as soon as possible. Thanking you for visiting our website.

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